Summary of experience

Mijn ervaring als journalist, campagneleider en communicatie consultant strekt zich uit over twee decennia. Gedurende deze tijd heb ik voor diverse internationale hulporganisaties klussen geklaard en in verschillende kranten en online magazines gepubliceerd. Tevens schreef ik diverse boeken. Als medeoprichter van Animal Nepal zet ik mij in voor het dierwelzijn in dit land.

My experience as a Communications Consultant stretches across two decades. During this time I have worked with numerous international aid agencies based in Nepal, including Oxfam in Nepal, Lutheran World Service/Federation, ICIMOD, The Mountain Institute, World Education, etc., as well as with Lutheran World Federation globally.

In 2004, together with friends, I initiated an innovative animal welfare movement called Animal Nepal. The organisation is now independently run by Nepalese professionals.

I have written a number of books.  I am grateful that in 2018 alone two of my books got published, Mountain Bound and Stem van Duisternis, Stem van Licht.

Praise for Mountain Bound:

Lucia de Vries has slipped in one of her own writings (The Winds of Chait) to the anthology, which is a haunting profile of a Dalit Maoist guerrilla, Chandra, who was killed by the Army in an unnamed village in Central Nepal. It is one of the most nuanced reportage of the Maoist conflict by a western journalist, and peels off the layers of caste, class, social injustice, state neglect and violence that lay at the root of the conflict.Nepali Times

I am involved in a non-profit publishing house for children’s books. Learn more about my work with Sunbird Publishers here. 

As a reporter I contribute to Dutch daily Trouw, Happy News and Himalaya Magazine.  I also contribute to Nepali Times and Republica.

Apart from supporting international organizations I have worked with Nepalese charities to improve their communications, fundraising, lobbying and/or campaigning.

Some of my assignments are conducted through a Nepalese company called Texts and Designs, which I founded together with qualified local professionals.

During a four month assignment with Oxfam in Nepal I took care of the organization’s communications (including editing), and created various contents (see box below).

Apart from creating content I supported the Media Advocacy and Communications team in developing a media plan.  I further got a chance to conduct workshops for the staff on writing effective blogs and articles and how to create meaningful short videos.

Communications contents developed for Oxfam in Nepal

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1 Creating website
2 Producing Reports


3 Producing press releases


4 Creating stories and blogs


5 Producing videos


6 Producing photobook